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Choices Teen Therapy is a private mental health clinic dedicated to serving teens and their families. The treatment we provide is focused in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), a goal-oriented approach to therapy that focuses on examining the connection between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. We help teens change thought patterns and behaviors that will in turn provide them with relief from the negative symptoms related to various disorders. If your teen suffers from:

*Depression        *Self-Esteem Problems        *Anxiety       *Obsessive Compulsive Disorders   

 *Drug Use/Abuse            *Stress               *Self-Doubt            *Hopelessness           *Anger    

   *Poor Communication                     *Traumatic Events                       *Eating Disorders

We can help. Your teen and your family are not alone. At Choices Teen Therapy, we have experienced clinicians who have dedicated their life's work to helping teens navigate personal and family struggles. We offer flexible scheduling to meet the needs of busy teens and their families. 

Changing Thoughts, Mending Minds, & Defining Futures
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